[2017] New Year’s Resolutions

Hey guys Lunar New Year’s has already arrived!! Yay I’m so excited!!! Here comes the year of Rooster!!!

Because now I’m living in France, I think there will not be many people paying attention to the Asian New Year’s Eve. Much to my surprise, many people greeted me back when I told them “Happy new year!” and explained it, from the gas man who came over for the annual check to the KFC cashier girl. And yes, I didn’t want to stay alone at home so I went eat out with a friend. We enjoyed the meal, chatted a lot. She even brought me a little handmade kite!

In my country, on the 1st day of the new year, children will sit down, do a simple math quiz or any simple exercise so they will get “the luck in study and good marks all year round”. That’s our belief. I used to do so too but now, there aren’t any simple exercises to do so I will always write down my wishes for the new year and also my resolutions.

Last year was a wonderful year to me, and I hope to keep up with 2017:

  1. Be happy. Always smile. Think positive.
  2. Be confident. Make more friends (more networking).
  3. Write more (blogs, notebooks,..)
  4. Do more sports.
  5. Learn a new language.
  6. Travel more.
  7. Try new crazy things (climb a mountain, jump off a cliff perhaps ?)

These days I watch a Youtuber who does vlogs everyday. Her name is Joan Kim. She is living in Korea, where I would exchange anything to go to. She has a channel for the daily vlogs, and a beauty channel. I hope one day I can record my life everyday in a vlog like that, it’s really a good way to make memories. Here’s the link to Joan’s channel: joanday

I wish you a happy new year full of love and laugh. Let’s all fill 2017 with memorable experiences and success! Chúc mừng năm mới ❤

P/S: I recently discovered an album about 2017 New Year – The year of Rooster made be young artists in my country Vietnam. Their drawings are truly beautiful and I would like to support them by sharing with you guys: Year of Rooster – Vietnam

Credit photo: Huynh Vu Tuong pqt. studios


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